4 Reasons Your Business Will Benefit From Qumu 

How the Qumu platform takes Genesis Integration’s world-class solutions for audio visual (AV) video conferencing to the next level.

One study found the top benefits of video conferencing were increased efficiency/productivity by 94%, increased impact of discussions by 88% and expedited decision making by 87%!

Genesis partners with Qumu to offer two main services:

  1. Corporate communications, boardrooms and webcasting.
  2. Communications and collaboration.

How do you benefit from the Qumu-Genesis partnership?Qumu eBook Angled Cover

  • Amazing video quality.
  • Special and unique video features.
  • More flexibility.
  • High security standards.

With those in-mind here are 4 specific benefits that will improve your company's collaboration and video conferencing process. We will dive deeper into these in this eBook.

  • Better connection to your remote workers.
  • Hosting company-wide meetings across multiple locations.
  • Easy adoption for employees.
  • Implementing a company-wide solution.

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